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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 28, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking news in america this morning, tornado emergency. >> oh, my god. >> a late night twister slamming dayton, ohio, the first images of the destruction and what we know this morning. heading home, president trump visiting the troops before leaving japan. where he left off with prime minister shinzo abe. plus, from sumo -- >> i hereby award you the united states president's cup. >> -- to the southeast where things stand with north korea and iran after his four-day trip. new concerns over hikers' safety after a second american dies on mt. everest. while record numbers on the mountain could be responsible for the climbing death toll. plus, something is out there. the strange objects that have
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navy pilots convinced they're seeing ufos. what could they be? bad ot aey just delivered i. >> how this speedboat ended up in a texas man's backyard. and a challenge accepted. the teen who challenged lebron james to a shootout. who came out on top. good tuesday morning. i'm kenneth moton. >> and i'm maggie rulli in for janai norman. we begin with breaking news. the severe weather threat that's happening right now. >> a tornado described as large and destructive touched down overnight near dayton, ohio. the damage is being described as extensive. one reporter says entire neighborhoods are destroyed. >> the city's department of transportation tweeted out necessary pictures ss clea >> there are reports of people trapped in their home as forecasters report the danger for the area not over yet.
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overnight a catastrophic tornado touched down in dayton, ohio. >> the tornado just hit our house. >> reporter: homes obliterated as residents ran for cover. >> oh, my god. we were just sitting out here. >> within five, ten seconds it goes from dead quiet to a jet engine taking off. it's the loudest noise i've ever heard. >> reporter: this church sustained heavy damage. the steeple completely ripped off. >> scariest 15 seconds of my life. as soon as i saw the damage i realized how blessed we were to still be here. >> reporter: this hit just hours after a twister in indianapolis toppled trees, destroyed buildings and downed power lines. >> we saw the spinning, and i turned around for like three seconds and the tree in our neighbor's backyard hit our barn. >> reporter: officials say that hvp twister damaged at least 75 homes. >> there are trees down on every rain main road. even the side streets are all
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covered with trees, power lines, utility poles are down. right now. stay home. stay inside for your safety right now while the fire crews are out, it's dark and there is electrical hazards. >> reporter: meanwhile, new chaotic scenes near chicago. flash floods swamping homes. buildings torn from their foundation and the windows of this cell phone store shattered. >> the driver was in the car when it did collapse. >> reporter: take a look at this gas station. the overhang collapsed from the powerful wind gust. a car still trapped beneath the crumbled structure. >> the biggest problem is it is still unstable and can shift and collapse the rest of the way. >> some of those areas are bracing for more severe weather. we'll have your full forecast in less than five minute. president trump is heading home after a state visit with japan marked by pageantry an politics. the trip was meant to showcase the u.s./japan alliance but the president bashed joe biden on foreign soil and clashed with his host on north korea and the threat of u.s. tariffs on japanese auto imports is still looming.
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abc's mona kosar abdi joins us now from washington. good morning, mona. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. as we saw the japanese prime minister pulled out all the stops for president trump's four-day visit to woo japan's closest ally, but the warm welcome was overshadowed by president trump's defense of north korea. the president wrapping up his state visit to japan aboard the "uss wasp" where he addressed hundreds of members of the u.s. navy's seventh fleet. despite the time difference the president used the time aboard the ship to observe memorial day. >> i have to wish you all a very happy memorial day, right? >> reporter: the president dubbing the crew, quote, mighty warriors in the pacific. >> you face down terrorism and render aid and i've seen what you do. incredible. >> reporter: before appearing on the u.s. navy's aamphibious assault ship, shinzo abe accompanied by trump and first
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lady melania spoke of their japan on a japanese destroyer. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: the japan/u.s. alliance has become more robust than ever. and through the great partnership that a enpresident trump have developed. >> reporter: throughout his trip the president received a warm welcome from the japanese complete with lavish dinners and a sumo wrestling tournament but despite the displays of unity trump undermined the alliance by downplaying north korea's recent missile test breaking from abe and his own adviser john bolton. >> my people think it could have been a violation as you know. i view it differently. >> reporter: at a joint press conference with abe, trump also called north korea's kim jong-un a very smart man and justified his insult to joe biden. >> kim jong-un made a statement that joe biden is a low i.q. individual. he probably is based on his record. >> reporter: and the biden
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campaign declined to comment. president trump and first lady melania are expected back around 2:30 this afternoon. kenneth, maggie. >> more back and forth. mona, thank you so much. now to the other breaking news, more than a dozen injured in a stabbing spree near tokyo just as president trump was wrapping up his visit, a 12-year-old and a man were dead after the knife attack. most of the injured are elementary schoolgirls. the attacker then stabbed himself and later died of his wounds. seeing new video of that incredible rescue of a hiker who was missing for weeks in hawaii. this is the moment that yoga instructor amanda eller was taken from her rescue helicopter after 17 grueling days in the woods. she even offers to walk on her fractured leg. last night eller was greeted by hundreds of family and friends celebrating her survival. she entered the bash in a wheelchair but is supposed to be okay. even one of the rescue dogs joined the party. >> i was guided throughout my journey.
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i was guided every moment to go left, to go right, to go up, to go down, to go over, under. i just kept getting the message of you're getting closer, you're getting closer. you're getting closer. i didn't know what i was doing. i didn't know what i was getting closer to. >> well, eller ate plants and bugs to survive and even spent the night in the den of a wild boar. well, some of the same rescuers who saved amanda eller are now searching for another missing hiker. he disappeared on may 20th. noah mina. his family says they remain hopeful because he is an experienced outdoorsman. time for a look at your weather for this tuesday morning. >> good morning. unfortunately, more dangerous , tornadoes will rip through the midwest hitting sioux falls, kansas city, des moines, st. louis, little rock, oklahoma city, down to dallas with winds accelerating beyond 80 miles per hour and a separate storm system
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causing an additional severe storm for philadelphia, pittsburgh, with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour with isolated tornadoes likely and bracing for a flood risk throughout the entire midwest. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, new concerns about chemicals found in e-cigarettes. also ahead, ufos in our airspace. navy pilots coming forward detailing objects in the sky that even they cannot explain. and the baseball great whose career was defined by one bad play.
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"jeopardy" james rides again.
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james holzhauer knocks the second highest totality title and is now about $325,000 away from taking over all-time "jeopardy" winner ken jennings in about half the time. the navy pilots sharing new details about seeing ufos during training missions along the east coast. five pilots have shareddddddd details of their sightings saying the objects were accelerating to hypersonic speed and making sudden stops and turns beyond the physical limits of a human crew. they say there was no visible engine or exhaust plumes. details of the encounters from 2014 and 2015 are featured in a new history channel series. a new health warning. vaping may be more dangerous than believed linking e-cigarettes to an increased risk of heart attacks. even without nicotine the flavoring can increase your
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chances of heart disease by affecting your blood pressures. cinnamon and menthol flavors seem to be the most toxic. well, we're going to turn to the passing of bill buckner. >> he played 22 seasons in the major league but best known for one infamous play. the ball rolling under his glove in the 1986 world series, buckner passed away after a battle with dementia at the age of 69. >> well, this morning, fans and former players are paying tribute to buckner who had a complicated relationship with the public. it's a moment etched in baseball history. little roller up along first. nd the bag. it gets through buckner. here comes knight and the mets win it. >> reporter: first baseman bill buckner's error in game 6 of the 1986 world series. red sox fans blaming the first baseman for the team's loss. in the years that followed buckner said he received death threats and the crowd at
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fenway park often booed him. >> most of the time when it's on tv that i see once or twice a week for 23 years, when it comes on tv, i switch the station. >> reporter: he was an all-star and won a batting title but that one play largely overshadowed his 22-year career. >> please welcome back to boston number 6, bill buckner. >> reporter: in 2008 buckner returned to the city that shunned him throwing out the first pitch. the cheers bringing a tear to his eye. later in life buckner poked fun at himself in a classic episode of "curb your enthusiasm." >> nice catch, bill. >> reporter: former met mookie wilson the man who hit the ball on that play saying bill was a great, great baseball player whose legacy should not be defined by one play. well, after retirement buckner and his family moved to a ranch in idaho to, quote, get away from the critics. buckner leaves behind three kids and a wife of 39 years. >> quite a legacy there. coming up a former nba star opening up about his drug addiction. also ahead, how this speedboat ended up in a texas
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kellogg's raisin bran with bananas. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a good job of raisin ya. we're back with that growing crisis on mt. everest. another american has died climbing the world's highest mountain. >> he is the second american and 11th person to die on the mountain this season. veteran climbers are blaming the number of deaths on overcrowding. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: chris kulish watched his last sunrise from the top of the world but the 62-year-old attorney from boulder, colorado, suddenly died after heading down to camp. he is the second american and the 11th person to die during a climbing season proving both deadly and crowded. >> i'm going to try to get up there when there's not too many people and the weather is good. >> reporter: with only a narrow window of good weather logjam climbers are forced to spend
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longer stretches in lethal death zone conditions where oxygen camps can run out. >> see camp two in the brackground. >> reporter: robin fisher died saturday. days earlier he warned on instagram with a single route to the summit, delays caused by overcrowding could prove fatal. nepal has issued a record number of climbing permits at $11,000 each. those who don't survive forever entombed on the mountain. >> we saw a climber that had taken a fall, had obviously hit their head, lost their life and that climber was fixed to the safety lines and every single person that had to climb that night had to step over that person's lifeless body and it's horrific. you know, it's devastating. >> reporter: experienced climbers tell us that while overcrowding is an issue, they are also seeing more unprepared, inexperienced climbers who can put their own lives and the lives of many others at risk. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> thanks to clayton there. a texas man had a surprise weekend barbecue.mory
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this speedboat crashed into his backyard near galveston bay, but first it went over a dock, over another boat and over the banks of the bayou. the homeowner says it must have been a strong boat to do all that. >> i was barbecuing and all of a sudden i heard a train coming and run out here and there they were. i was saying, i got a new boat. they just delivered it. >> reporter: well, also delivered a woman passenger who went flying when the boat landed. no one was hurt, however, the owner says he lost control of the boat. former nba and reality tv star lamar odom reveals new details about his life in a book being released today. "darkness to light" that chronicles his drug addiction as well as his marriage to khloe kardashian. odom says he hid his addiction to kardashian and divorced three
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years ago. in an abc news exclusive interview he tells abc's juju chang that his book is really about overcoming tragedy. >> you look into fill that void, you know, with things. and, you know, some things i was trying to fill that void with -- >> your first time with cocaine was laced with sex. what was that like to be introduced to that toxic brew? >> for me that's exactly what it was is toxic. it unleashed a demon. >> in his book odom writes he regrets cheating on kardashian during his marriage. he says he's now drug-free but admits he's still working on himself as a children. you can hear more of juju's interview with him later on "good morning america." in the nhl the boston bruins have the lead in the stanley cup final tied at 2 last night against the st. louis blues and scored the game's final two goals. bruins won it 4-2. game two of the series is tomorrow night in boston and i'm sitting right next to a boston
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sports fans. >> bruins. >> that red. boston red. >> that's not it but -- >> oh it's not? >> close enough. >> go, sports. up next in "the pulse," sit, stay and get your diploma. the new degree in dog training. also ahead, the epic basketball battle between lebron james and a 14-year-old. >> that's unfair. plus, why this couple pose for newborn pictures with this car part. >> ah. ♪ ♪ ♪ walgreens save your skin today go to the pharmacy counter for powerful... congestion and pressure?
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>> someras get an,ot bad at all. >> sign me up. next, lebron james is known for his will to win. he is a competitor to the end no matter who the opponent is. >> the king was challenged to a three-point shooting contest but it was a 14-year-old who plays on lebron's son's team. they go back and forth. shot for shot. for awhile. the kid named gabe hanging in there. >> he is doing a good job. but finally gabe misses. and lebron, well, he's going to get a chance to compete with gabe. does he do it? of course, he does. of course, he does. and then i love this, wait for it, wait for it. that look, i schooled you, kid. >> aaagh! as only lebron can do. just the confident death stare. although he did give gabe some props in online posts. >> he came back afterwards and says after the glow of
4:24 am
competition, i probably went a little too hard on him so let me go back, he's a better sportsman here. >> whatever. i would lose to lebron. that's a good story. >> yeah. next, one show f thests you see here on the wall. >> they were supposed to sing twinkle twinkie little star but one had a different star in mind. listen closely. ♪ da, da, da, da, da, da da ♪ da da da da da da >> now, if you can't tell, >> that's the imperial march from "star wars." the boy's sister tries to finish the song correctly but he nudges her aside and keeps going. great marketing. >> the other kid is like, why? you are a messing it all up. all right. i love the commitment. finally a couple's response to a mother pressuring them for grandchildren is going viral. >> braden and peyton from utah posed with pictures of themselves and a new
4:25 am
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. news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 morning. now at 4:27, a deadly knife attack in japan overnight. three young girls are dead and now the prime minister is promising to take action to protect children there. and it is day 5 of the teacher's strike in the city. overnight, the latest round of negotiations with the new england school district does not end well. a teenager goes to extreme length to try to get a job at apple. now, he's in a lot of trouble. good morning to you. it's tuesday, may 28th. 4:27. as you can see, frances is here this morning. good to see you. >> good morning. it's early. >> it's only 4:27 in the a.m. can you believe? >> it will be a warmer one
4:28 am
today. here's a look at our temperatures when you step outside, santa rosa 48. this afternoon, mid-60s, halfmoon bay and san francisco 74 to nearly 80 in our inland valleys live camera shots 680. southbound traffic looking great. highway 24. nice all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. here in the south bay. 101 and 880 having no problems at all. headlights move northbound. looks great from gilroy into san francisco. there is a little slowing through the altamonte pass. southbound 680, walnut creek to
4:29 am
dublin, 40 minutes, southbound 101, sfaent e santa rosa, a 50-minute ride. >> this morning shinzo abe promising to take necessary action for children after a deadly stabbing. authorities say a middle age man attacked a group of school girls lined up at a bus stop outside tokyo. the suspect then stabbed himself. three people were killed, including the attacker and 16 were hurt and most of those were young girls. president donald trump offering his sympathy to the victims while wrapping up his state visit to the country. a very sat story there happening in japan. back to you. in the eastway, still no deal. teachers are entering the second week of their strike. >> late night investigations got them closer. abc 7 news reporter amy
4:30 am
hollyfield is live for us in union city. amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie, everyone got a little closer, still no deal. deepers will be on strike. this is their second week of the strike. there was some movement. teachers have ask for a 10% raise. they have come down to 7% over the next two years. it gave everyone some hope, still no agreemtd. >> it's an onbeing process. it hasn't been easy because of our position and their position. >> reporter: the district says it can only afford a one time 3% raise saying they are losing students each year and they have made all the cuts that they can. teachers say they can't afford to live here on this current


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